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Jeremy Paul Beasley
Make Believe
Art Direction, T-Shirt Designs, Web Development & Design

Over the past couple years I’ve worked closely with Brandon Herbel, the man behind Make Believe Clothing. Make Believe began as an idea back in 2009 and soon after developed into a well known and quite influential t-shirt brand

The shirts managed to make their way to a handful of bigtime celebrities such as Kristen Stewart the star of the Twilight films. Heck, she even wore one of the tees on Leno.

As the brand continues to grow, Brandon, myself and the rest of the guys keep putting our heads together to make simple cool designs that are trendy yet still timeless. It’s been crazy to see what influence the brand had on the indie t-shirt industry. Shoot, what could be more cliche than an anchor on a tee nowadays? Nonetheless, I love partnering with these guys and making cool stuff. Check out the latest from their online store now!

Photos by Steven Taylor